Captain Garry Morfit

Garry was born in New Rochelle, New York in May of 1943. He grew up in Rye, New York and attended High School at the Berkshire School in Massachusetts in 1961. After graduation Garry attended the University of Arizona in Tucson and worked at the Camelback Inn located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This sparked his interest in hotel administration which he would later study at Cornell University. Garry served as an Administrative Officer in the United States Army from 1967-1969 during the Vietnam War. It is here where Garry’s compassion for our nations servicemen and women grew. After his time in the Army, he had a career in the restaurant and hotel business for over 20 years. Garry’s love for boating would eventually lead to him earning his Captains License. Running adventure charters on private yachts from Canada to the Virgin Islands for 15 years. After September 11th, he saw the effects of war as our veterans returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan and realized that it was time to act. He wanted to ensure that these veterans got the respect that they deserved and, in the process, wanted to welcome home his peers. Garry wanted to help with the emotional and physical healing of the veterans and service members in any way possible. His experience as a charter captain naturally led him to nature. His love for fishing and Alaska was a perfect match to by establish Healing Towers in Ketchikan, Alaska. Since 2007 Garry and Healing Towers has served over 175 veterans and their family members on a week-long fishing adventure on his 42’ Sailing Trawler. In doing this he has created a sense of family and network community that has allowed our veterans and their families to watch over each other during their struggling times. Garry’s hobbies are boating (1600-ton Masters License) and flying (4 different ratings)

Captain Duke Davis

Willis was born in Nashville Tennessee in September of 1973. He grew up in Lake Guntersville, Alabama with the nickname Duke and it has stuck for 45 years now. Duke was taught to hunt, fish and gather at an early age and spent most of his time growing up, in the woods or on the lake catching fish. He graduated from Guntersville High School in 1991 and enlisted into the United States Marine Corps as a basic infantryman. At recruit training he was taught what might be his most treasured skill as a Marine, “shooting”. After graduation from the school of infantry, he was transferred to Camp Lejeune where he had the opportunity to take the assessment and selection to become a Marine Scout Sniper. As one of the only two candidates selected, he found himself as a junior Marine with a ton of information to be learned. Upon completion of the Scout Sniper school he was deployed as part of Joint Task Force 160 Operation Restore Hope and the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit for Operation Deny Flight. He then transferred to Parris Island South Carolina to serve as a Marksmanship instructor. After seven years in the Marine Corps he decided to go home and work with his father as a building and remodeling contractor. He was completing the final touches on a house on September 11, 2001 when he made the decision to rejoin the ranks of the Marine Corps. Since then he served multiple tours as a Marine Scout Sniper in support of Operation’s Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. On April 24th, 2004, he was ejected over twenty feet from the rear of a seven-ton vehicle when it struck an IED and came under enemy attack in the mountains of Afghanistan. About a year afterwards and medical clearance, he deployed to Al Fallujah Iraq where he was this time, exposed to numerous IED’s, indirect fire attacks and gunfire. Catching a break for a few years he served as a recruiter. He then quickly started to deploy again. In 2010 he was injured in Afghanistan as his right hand was nearly severed as it was caught in the door of a MRAP. During his medivac he was given the full look-over from head to toe and was determined to have been suffering from a traumatic brain injury for some time. Now he was dealing with more than just a hand. This journey was rough for him as he suffered from severe headaches, insomnia, memory loss, vertigo, occupational, vestibular and speech therapy. Despite the injuries, and long road of recovery, his willingness to serve as a Marine, got him over the hump and made him able to recover and deploy downrange again. His perseverance and desire to help educate and prepare for Marines combat, led to his selection to Chief Warrant Officer to serve as an Infantry Weapons Officer (Marine Gunner). While in student status at the Warrant Officer Course and prior to his promotion, he suffered a mild heart attack and lost his dream job due to the continued health problems. This added a lot more unneeded extra stress along with the daily side effects of traumatic brain injury and nerve injuries in his arm. After some much-needed medical attention, he was transferred to serve as the Marine Corps Rifle Program Manager. He was made aware of a program called Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and became a participant, streamside guide and volunteer. This took Duke back to his childhood and gave him a release that created peace. Duke was medically retired after twenty-two years in the Marine Corps. Shortly after he served on the National Staff of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing as the National Programs Director where he served over 200 programs and managed their participants attending over 300 national destination outings. In 2015 he met Garry Morfit at an event. He and Garry instantly made a connection. While on this trip Garry invited him and his wife Kara to Healing Towers, secretly knowing the healing powers of this wonderful Alaskan adventure he provides. Throughout the year Duke and Garry began and nourished a wonderful relationship. In 2016 He and Kara made the trek to Ketchikan to visit Healing Towers. They were both amazed at the beauty of Alaska and its surroundings. Their time spent there was precious and was a turning point in Duke’s emotional recovery. When Dukes father passed away from brain cancer, Garry stepped up even more and continued to remain a solid mentor for Duke. Once again power of friendship and Healing Towers helped through a daunting time. Duke’s knowledge of nonprofit planning and execution of operations led to him to be selected to work at Healing Towers. This selection came with open arms as Garry asked him to fulfill this crucial role in continuing the legacy and mission of Healing Towers. Duke is now proudly serving as the Chief Operations Officer for Healing Towers in Ketchikan, Alaska where he will continue to keep the Healing Towers mission alive and serve our Nation’s Veterans with honor.