Captain Garry Morfit

Garry was born in New Rochelle, New York in May of 1943. He grew up in Rye, New York and attended High School at the Berkshire School in Massachusetts in 1961. After graduation Garry attended the University of Arizona in Tucson and worked at the Camelback Inn located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This sparked his interest in hotel administration which he would later study at Cornell University. Garry served as an Administrative Officer in the United States Army from 1967-1969 during the Vietnam War. It is here where Garry’s compassion for our nations servicemen and women grew. After his time in the Army, he had a career in the restaurant and hotel business for over 20 years. Garry’s love for boating would eventually lead to him earning his Captains License. Running adventure charters on private yachts from Canada to the Virgin Islands for 15 years. After September 11th, he saw the effects of war as our veterans returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan and realized that it was time to act. He wanted to ensure that these veterans got the respect that they deserved and, in the process, wanted to welcome home his peers. Garry wanted to help with the emotional and physical healing of the veterans and service members in any way possible. His experience as a charter captain naturally led him to nature. His love for fishing and Alaska was a perfect match to by establish Healing Towers in Ketchikan, Alaska. Since 2007 Garry and Healing Towers has served over 175 veterans and their family members on a week-long fishing adventure on his 42’ Sailing Trawler. In doing this he has created a sense of family and network community that has allowed our veterans and their families to watch over each other during their struggling times. Garry’s hobbies are boating (1600-ton Masters License) and flying (4 different ratings)