"A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor"

At Healing Towers our mentors are former attendees that have overcome tremendous feats in order to be successful with their lives. Their stories of trauma and success as equally emotional.  

These mentors are always on the search to find someone in need.  They know first hand how important mentorship is throughout the recovery process.  In fact the participants that are brought to each location are found nationwide by our mentors and use the two Healing Towers locations to create a bond that will follow both mentor and participants lifetime.  

Our mentors will stay engaged as the veteran participant as they discover what is next in life after their time in the armed forces.  Helping them stay on track with goals to actually put them into action.

Captain Garry Morfit
Mike Chesne
Robert Bartlett
Adam Such
Harry Yates
David Booth
Gene Dufrene
Alvin Shell
George Draper