Healing Towers South

Send an American Hero on a deep south fishing expedition to experience great nearshore fishing and excluded back country deep in the mangroves.  Veterans attending this trip will embark on a once in a lifetime experience.  However, their journey of recovery does not stop here.  They will become aware of new ways to set and achieve their goals post-injury by participating in our mentor program.  This is the most important part of our mission.  It is here where we will teach them the key pillars needed to be successful for their future civilian missions. 

Healing Towers South operates in the Alaska off-season months November through May.  Then Captains Duke and Garry will gear up and head up North to Ketchikan, Alaska to conduct the Healing Towers North Mission.  

If you would like to sponsor a hero please contact Duke Davis at duke@healingtowers.org or by phone at (256) 302-2347